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OnePlus VA

Special features:
  • NEW breakthrough technology
  • Fully Automatic biofeedback control mode
  • High Oxygen or normal air for SpO2 recovery.
  • Hypoxic Training index (HTi) calculated
  • Automated hypoxic test for individual reaction and customised training.
  • Easy to operate. Single of Multi-person systems !
  • Clinical research ready, loaded with professional software features.

Product Description

Technical Specification
Number of users One to Six (multi-user systems)
Mode of operation:: – Fully Automatic biofeedback control (SpO2 clamping)
– Manual Target O2% (FiO2 Clamping) – HRV as a separate test or for monitoring in hypoxia sessions
– Breath holding performance test
Software supplied Latest Windows Tablet PC
Connection between Hypoxicator and Tablet PC Wireless (Bluetooth) or USB
Central Database (Operator Console) Allows accessing all users physiological data and printed reports
Size of hypoxicator 300x280x830mm
Weight: 23 kg
Noise level : < 42 dBA (quiet operation)
Mains power : 800VA. 220-250V 0-Hz or 110V-120V 50-60Hz
Certification Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 QA. Medical electrical safety and EMC certificates IEC60601.
Warranty: 24 Months
Copyright protection: Supplied with unlimited number of software use. Life expectancy 7 years.


    More than 350 athletes, climbers and teams throughout the world are using the Hypoxia Training and are seeing excellent gains in performance – quite phenomenal in many cases.

    This is because Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT) increases the effeciency of exercise and training.

    The maximum use of oxygen has not changed for 40 years even in the world’s greatest runners.

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