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OnePlus R3

OnePlus R3

Special features:

  • Computer monitoring and recording of training sessions. Wireless connection between PC and OnePlus!
  • Optimal training is achieved via unique Hypoxic Training index (HTi).

  • FULLY AUTOMATED BIOFEEDBACK CONTROL. World-first feature! Dial in target SpO2 and the system will vary FiO2 automatically .
  • Oxygen is supplied during rest intervals via the same breathing mask.

  • Lightweight and compact design, very quiet operation.

  • Designed to last!
  • International electrical medical safety and EMC certificates.

Product Description

Technical Specification
Variation of Simulated Altitude / O2 concentration: 9 – 15% +-0.5% (to simulate altitude of 2,700m – 6,500m)
Training Modes: 1. Fixed Altitude. Automated and accurate O2%.
2. Fully automated biofeedback control.
Targeting desired arterial oxygen (SpO2).
3. Hyperoxic (high oxygen) recovery during
rest period.
Programs of training: 8 fixed, add up to 100 of your own
Session duration: Typical 60 min. Can be selected in the range of 5 – 120 min
Warranty: 24 months comprehensive (return to base). Regular Maintenance is not required.
Dimensions (W x D x H): 300 x 280 x 800 mm
Weight: 22 kg / 45 lb
Power: 115V or 230V versions available
Price: Contact us for pricing / availability. Comes with integrated pulse oximeter, GO2Altitude proprietary PC software, 2 individual breathing sets
(mask + non-rebreathing valve), Operational Manual with Training Protocols, power and USB cable.
Who should use it: Ideal for both individual and commercial use. Can be used by multiple people per day as individual use breathing sets are supplied.

    More than 350 athletes, climbers and teams throughout the world are using the Hypoxia Training and are seeing excellent gains in performance – quite phenomenal in many cases.

    This is because Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT) increases the effeciency of exercise and training.

    The maximum use of oxygen has not changed for 40 years even in the world’s greatest runners.

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