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aid post operation recovery, decrease inflammation, encourage weight loss and reduce stress.

IHT for Wellness – HOW DOES IT WORK?

** Helps to combat any type of stress (professional sport, toxic stress, psychological etc) by building special biochemical substances (dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, stress-protein) in the body, which protects it from oxidation and the harmful influence of free radical activity and different stress effects.

** Helps to rejuvenate:  stress-protein is initiated autophagy of mitochondria and builds a new one.

IHT helps to cure ulcers, wounds, injury, inflammation by fighting infection (improving the delivery of lymphocytes and microphages), detoxifying, decreasing inflammation (removes lactic acid and excess water) by improving the circulation.

** Helps to combat any type of stress (professional sport, toxic, psychological etc) by building special biochemical substances (dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, stress-protein)

IHT helps to lose weight This enables the body to attain optimum oxygen and glucose utilization, eliminate water retention, decrease appetite.

– achieve synchronisation of metabolism and functions of the neuro-endocrine system.
– remove metabolic waste: a huge decrease in lactic acid from the body
– lose up to 10 pounds in two weeks with physical strength and emotional satisfaction!

** Breathing organs see improvement

Enhances the release of oxygen from haemoglobin into tissue by binding haemoglobin to 2,3- diphosphoglycerate (DPG).

This is a great help to asthma patients and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (COPD).

**Decreases dramatically and quickly any toxicity. First there is an increase in cytochrom-450 in the liver. Even breathing for only 10 minutes is effective; IHT eliminates lactic acid that leads to release of excess water in body.

**The gas mixture greatly decreases free radical activity, which creates oxidation (like rusting of metal or rotting vegetables), i. e. damage to the body by promoting sclerosis and heart attack.

**IHT encourages the formation of nitric oxide (NO) by cell microphages, which kills cancerous cells. This gas also facilitates the dilation of capillaries, as does carbon dioxide.

Mouth breathers reduce the amount of nitric oxide in the nose and sinuses by more than 50%, This leads to a reduced circulation and subsequently sinus trouble.

**Homocysteine decreases, which triggers cardio-protective effects and brings about a tremendous improvement in glucose metabolism, which is particularly important for the overweight and the diabetic

**Structured water (from chaos to order) in the body increases as a result of smooth muscle relaxation and stretching (water molecules adhere to smooth muscle and acquire a greater order). This increases the energy in the body.

**The effect is an improvement in circulation. Thanks to increased ATP K+ pump (action through cell membranes and the effect of  increasing Mg++ penetration to smooth muscle),  which relax smooth muscles and opens up the capillaries. Some capillaries in the body would never otherwise open. The body’s tissues and organs have so-called “dead zones” where the delivery of oxygen to tissue has ceased almost entirely. This is why IHT prevents heart attack and stroke.

** Relaxation of the muscles of bronchioles, capillaries and the smooth muscles of small and large intestines.

This leads to a general great psychological and mental relaxation, relieving any stress.

**IHT increases pleasure hormones ( endorphin and encephalin) It leads to deeper general psychological and mental relaxation, relieving any stress.

More than 350 athletes, climbers and teams throughout the world are using the Hypoxia Training and are seeing excellent gains in performance – quite phenomenal in many cases.

This is because Intermittent Hypoxia Training (IHT) increases the effeciency of exercise and training.

The maximum use of oxygen has not changed for 40 years even in the world’s greatest runners.

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